MG-SOFT SNMP Proxy Agent

Licensing and ordering options

MG-SOFT offers several editions of SNMP Proxy Agent for 64-bit Windows and Linux operating systems. If you are not sure which edition is most suitable for your needs, read about differences and compare available features.


If you are renewing the license or upgrading from a previous version of SNMP Proxy Agent, please make sure to read the following IMPORTANT INFORMATION BEFORE YOU PROCEED WITH INSTALLING THE NEW VERSION OF THE SOFTWARE!

Place a secure on-line order

A secure on-line order for MG-SOFT SNMP Proxy Agent can be placed through Share-it, a Digital River company.

In the following form select the desired operating system, software edition, enter the required number of licenses, optionally change the currency selection and click the Place the order button, which will bring you to the checkout page at Share-it web site.

Product / Edition:
No. of agents:
License term:
813.00 EUR   (VAT or any other tax is not included in this price) 
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A note on the physical delivery of ordered licenses:
Except for the SNMP Agent Simulator, MG-SOFT delivers ordered software licenses electronicaly (ESD) to the given e-mail address.
If you wish to receive the licensed software on USB flash card, delivered by express courier, please contact MG-SOFT sales team before placing the on-line order.

Instead of placing an on-line order, you can place the order also directly at MG-SOFT Corporation or through the nearest MG-SOFT's reseller.

For additional information please contact MG-SOFT's sales team.