MG-SOFT SNMP Proxy Agent

Available editions

MG-SOFT SNMP Proxy Agent is available in several editions. Editions differ regarding the number of SNMP forwarding rules they support, the number of TCP forwarding rules they support, and regarding the support for Printer Proxy Wizard (PRT Editions).

A forwarding rule is a configuration item that controls the proxying of SNMP or TCP packets from receive address and port to destination address and port. An SNMP forwarding rule includes also SNMP parameters for receiving and sending SNMP messages. A forwarding rule corresponds to one line configured in the SNMP Proxy Agent main window.
The Printer Proxy Wizard lets you configure printer drivers (TCP/IP ports) and SNMP and TCP forwarding rules for secure print server proxy on Windows.

The following editions of SNMP Proxy Agent are available:

Edition SNMP rules TCP rules Printer Proxy Wizard
SNMP Proxy Agent Professional Edition 10 0
SNMP Proxy Agent Professional TCP Edition 10 10
SNMP Proxy Agent Professional PRT Edition (*) 10 20
SNMP Proxy Agent WorkGroup Edition 1024 0
SNMP Proxy Agent WorkGroup TCP Edition 1024 1024
SNMP Proxy Agent WorkGroup PRT Edition (*) 1024 2048
SNMP Proxy Agent Enterprise Edition 10000 0
SNMP Proxy Agent Enterprise TCP Edition 10000 10000
SNMP Proxy Agent Enterprise PRT Edition (*) 10000 20000
(*) PRT Editions are available only for Windows platform.