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MG-SOFT Corporation Logo MG-SOFT Corporation, established in March 1990, is the world's leading supplier of NETCONF, SNMP, YANG, SMI and other network management applications, products, toolkits, technologies and turn-key solutions.

Our more than thirty years of professional experience in the network management area is a solid warranty that we deliver only products and solutions incorporating the latest available technologies and industry standards, which we made accessible through the most intuitive and customer proven graphical user interfaces. We deliver cost-effective, comprehensive, extreme-performance, robust and feature-rich products and solutions.

As of today, based on our vast experience in NETCONF, SNMP, YANG, SMI and other network management technologies, we provide major IT companies worldwide with our network management products and solutions, either in form of off-the-shelf shrink-wrapped ready-to-use products or with consulting services and custom made turn-key software products, solutions and/or services to support particular network management integration needs of our clients.

No matter which client is approaching us and with what particular needs, we always do our best to make and keep our clients happy with all products and all service that we deliver to them.

A Brief History of MG-SOFT Corporation

The following timeline chart shows a history of MG-SOFT Corporation, highlighting the major turning points in our corporation development and marks approximate launch dates of our software products.

  • 1990

    MG-SOFT d.o.o. (MG-SOFT Corporation) has been established in March 1990, with headquarters in Ruše, Slovenia.

  • 1992

    We started specializing in network management and troubleshooting products, introducing a major software product, MONET LAN and Protocol Analyzer (a sniffer-like product) running on Microsoft DOS operating system. The product had been developed and marketed in cooperation with Abit Corporation from Tokyo, Japan.

  • 1995

    Received an order from a major customer to develop a robust SNMP network management system running on the new Microsoft's 32-bit operating system, Windows NT 3.5.

    This particular order was probably one of the most important turning points in the history of our company, as briefly described by the following facts:

    As a base of the software to build upon we wanted to buy a license for a 32-bit SNMP protocol stack implementation, however, none were available on the market at that time. So we decided to develop our own 32-bit implementation of an SNMP protocol stack, which eventually became the World's first 32-bit SNMP protocol stack implementation available for Microsoft Windows operating systems.

    As of today, MG-SOFT's SNMP stack implemented in WinSNMP API, provides a solid base for all MG-SOFT's SNMP applications (as well as for thousands of third party applications, built by our clients who licensed our WinSNMP API) running on a number of operating system platforms: MS Windows (32-bit, 64-bit, embedded CE), Linux (32-bit and 64-bit), Mac OS X (PPC and Intel platforms, 32-bit and 64-bit), Mac iOS (iPad) and Solaris (Sparc and Intel platforms).

    A simple utility, that we created at that time, along with our SNMP protocol stack for the sole purpose of testing the SNMP protocol stack, quickly became very well accepted in the network management community and today it is still our the most successful product so far, MG-SOFT MIB Browser Professional Edition, and is probably also the world's best and most popular software product of this kind.
    The SNMP network management solution evolved into what is now MG-SOFT Net Inspector Fault and Performance Manager.

  • 1996

    Launched new products: WinMIB SDK and MIB Compiler.

  • 1997

    Launched new products: SNMP Master Agent and SNMP Easy Agent.

  • 1998

    Started extending our WinSNMP API implementation with the SNMPv3 version, as the SNMPv3 standard was evolving at IETF standardization body. At that time we passed interoperability and conformance tests with other implementation that existed at that time on other operating systems (IBM, SNMP Research, Net-SNMP).

    We added SNMPv3 support also to our other products, SNMP Master Agent, Net Inspector and MIB Browser Professional Edition.

    In 2002, when IETF published the final SNMPv3 standard, we were already on the market with the fully compliant commercial release of the WinSNMP API implementation supporting SNMPv3 along with SNMPv1 and SNMPv2c protocols. Again, MG-SOFT produced the World's first 32-bit WinSNMP API implementation supporting the SNMPv3 protocol implementation. With that, MG-SOFT has gained the leading WinSNMP implementation supplier position in the industry.

  • 1999

    Launched a new product: MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder.

  • 2000

  • MG-SOFT's Net Inspector named a 2000 finalist by Network Computing for WELL-CONNECTED AWARD.

  • 2001

    Launched a new product: SNMP MIB Query Manager, the product later evolved into web based Performance Manager (2007) which finally got integrated with Net Inspector (2009).

  • 2002

    Launched a new product: MG-SOFT MIB Explorer.

  • Launched a whole product line designed to run on Linux operating systems (MIB Browser Pro, Trap Ringer Pro, Net Inspector,...).

  • 2003

    Extended the SNMPv3 protocol implementation with the DOCSIS/DH (RFC 2786) functional extension and the CFB-AES-128 (RFC 3826) privacy protocol, as they were introduced by the IETF's SNMPv3 standardization body.

  • 2004

    Launched a new product: Net Inspector SS7 Edition, which was made available only as an OEM version to our business partner for managing their SS7 telecommunication equipment products.

  • 2005

    Net Inspector becomes ITU X.733 compliant fault management system.

  • 2006

    Launched a new product: MG-SOFT Network Discovery Toolkit.

  • 2007

    Launched a new product: Performance Manager, a web based system supplementing the Net Inspector fault management system.

  • 2008

    Launched a whole product line designed to run on Mac OS X operating systems (MIB Browser Pro, Trap Ringer Pro,...).

  • 2009

    Integration of Net Inspector and Performance Manager into a monolith Fault and Performance network management system.

  • 2010

    Launched new products: MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator and MG-SOFT SNMP Proxy Agent products.

  • Launched a whole product line designed to run on Solaris operating systems (MIB Browser Pro, Trap Ringer Pro,...).

  • Added NetFlow option to Net Inspector's Performance manager.

  • 2011

    Added a new TLS/DTLS transport layer security extension module to our SNMPv3 protocol implementation (RFC 6353). Interoperability tests were successfully passed with another two known implementations, Net-SNMP and SNMP Research, in order to support advancement of the feature standardization process:


    Our SNMP protocol implementation with this feature now serves as a reference implementation for other implementers.

  • Launched a brand new NETCONF/YANG product line, adding to our portfolio the following new products: MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser, MG-SOFT YANG Explorer and MG-SOFT Visual YANG Designer.

  • 2012

    MG-SOFT joined the LEONE consortium to work on the "From global measurements to local management" EU-sponsored project.

  • 2015

    Support for NETCONF protocol over SSH2 with Public Key Authentication and TLS transport layers (RFC 5539).

  • Launched a brand new NETCONF/YANG product, MG-SOFT NETCONF/YANG Python Scripting System.

  • LEONE project successfully concluded.

  • 2016

    Support for YANG 1.1 and YIN 1.1 (RFC 7950) in our NETCONF/YANG product line.

  • 2017

    Support for HMAC-SHA-2 Authentication Protocols in User-Based Security Model (USM) implemented in our SNMPv3 protocol implementation (RFC 7860).

  • 2018

    Support for the RESTCONF protocol (RFC 8040) with both, XML and JSON encoding of data (RFC 7951) in our NETCONF/YANG product line.

  • 2019

    Launched a brand new NETCONF/YANG product, MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator.

A customer testimonial
"I sell SNMP Trap Ringer Pro in Japan for SNMP trap storm, because your product is simple, very fast and very stable. My most favorite thing is a simple service without a database. This product does not have to worry about SQL-DB maintenance, backup, restore, upgrade, and 10GB size limitations."

Masashi Moriyama, Consulting Engineer
Sumire Joho System Inc., Japan