MG-SOFT Corporation Customer Support

Technical support, Product support and Customer support services offered by MG-SOFT

MG-SOFT's offers after-sales Technical support, Product support and Customer support to clients who have licensed one or more MG-SOFT's software products.

MG-SOFT's also offers pre-sales Customer support and Technical support to potential customers who express interest in our software products and solutions, or face any kind of problems while evaluating our products.

MG-SOFT offers a wide range of Customer support services to assist customers in making cost effective and correct use of a product, including assistance in planning, installation, training, trouble shooting, product maintenance with software updating and license upgrading. Some of these support options are offered free of charge while other are payable.

MG-SOFT offers Technical support covering a wide range of services by which we provide assistance to users of software products. Generally, technical support services attempt to help the user solving a specific problem with MG-SOFT's product.

Product support includes free updates for all software releases within 12 months from the date of the license purchase.

The free product support included with purchased software license does not include licensed software customization nor any kind of training to learn using products, consulting or training to learn programing using MG-SOFT's APIs nor consulting or training to learn about general underlaying technology. For such level of support please consider obtaining one of MG-SOFT's payable support plans or check for the available Training Services or order any Consulting Services.

All forms of user support are generally delivered electronically, either over the telephone or through e-mail. To request a technical support please send an e-mail to MG-SOFT support team and provide meaningful description of the problem, including a detailed step-by-step procedure to reproduce the reported problem. Also, do not fail to send answers to all questions that will help us pinpoint the cause of the problem.

You are welcome to contact MG-SOFT support team by:

Telephone:    +386 2 2506565
Fax:      +386 2 2506566
Skype:      mg-soft
Postal mail:    MG-SOFT Corporation
Strma ulica 8
2000 Maribor

MG-SOFT Customer Support team provides asistance related to usage of MG-SOFT's in a timely manner. Our support team will work with clients to pinpoint the cause of the problem and try to produce a solution. Note, however, that registered clients owning MG-SOFT's licensed products receive assistance with higher priority.