Special Licensing Offers

MG-SOFT SNMP Master Agent

Secure replacement for the SNMP service on Windows

News about the decreased licensing fees for MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent will most likely be very well accepted by everyone who wishes to replace the default SNMP service (SNMP Agent) on MS Windows with MG-SOFT's secure SNMP service (SNMP Agent) supporting the SNMPv3 protocol.

By configuring MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agent to respond only to SNMPv3 protocol queries, you significantly improve the overall security of the computer running MG-SOFT's SNMP agent. The SNMPv3 protocol implements strong authentication and network packet encryption, so that malicious visitors cannot actively reconfigure the computer running the SNMP agent, nor can they view the contents of SNMP network packets (if they somehow manage to sniff them from the network).

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