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SNMP software development toolkits

MG-SOFT's offers SNMP software development kits targeting software developers who wish to create robust and high performance network management applications in a very productive way. Software development kits contain one or more Application Programming Interface (API) implementations, in other words, provide a set of high level functions that programers then use to implement desired complex functionality in less time. Software development productivity is futher increased with a number of source code examples that programmer can compile into running and functional sample applications, and the provided coding samples can serve programers as a coding base for developing more complex network management systems.

To determine which MG-SOFT's software development kit would be the most suitable and would offer most benefits for your particular needs, we recommend you to review the table bellow, or contact MG-SOFT sales team for additional information.

MG-SOFT SNMP Software Development Lab

MG-SOFT SNMP Software Development Lab provides API implementations supporting development of SNMP applications: WinSNMP API, WinMIB API and SNMP EasyAgent API. Besides, the package contains MIB Compiler, detailed API documentation and several utilities and programming source code samples.

WinSNMP API implements an SNMP API with all necessary functions to support development of network management applications for performing any kind of SNMP operations (sending out SNMP requests, receiving SNMP responses, receiving SNMP traps and informs, sending out traps and informs, listening for incoming SNMP requests, creating variable binding lists for outgoing SNMP requests, unpacking variable bindings from incoming requests.

WinMIB API provides SMI functions for loading compiled MIB files, mapping names to OIDs and back (i.e., translating trap information into 'human readable' format, mapping queried values to names, functions for navigating through MIB tree, functions for accessing MIB node properties etc.

SNMP EasyAgent toolkit provides a framework for extending Microsoft's and MG-SOFT's SNMP Master Agents running on MS Windows operating systems (Windows 7, Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012, Windows 8.x, Windows 10, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows 11, Windows Server 2022). By using the provided framework, any Windows application can easily export and import its data through the SNMP agent and can be remotely managed by using the SNMP protocol.

SNMP Software Development Lab toolkits are available for creating network management applications running natively on Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris operating systems.

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MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Design and Deployment Kit

MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Design and Deployment Kit Professional Edition package contains all software tools and applications needed to fully support design and deployment os SNMP (sub)agents on Microsoft Windows operating systems: from software for visually designing MIB definition files, generating source code templates from MIB definition files, all the way to providing a secure SNMP service replacement and supplying superb debugging tools, that will help you develop and deploy the solution quickly and eficiently.

This same toolkit can be used also for developing SNMP management applications.

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MG-SOFT Network Discovery SDK

MG-SOFT Network Discovery SDK contains an API implementation for discovering network devices and their interconnections. By utilizing the API, any network management application can perform network discovery operation in order to determine layer 2 (physical) and layer 3 (logical) topology of the discovered network.

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