Ordering from MG-SOFT Corporation

When placing orders directly at MG-SOFT Corporation, fill in the Product order form for the desired product from MG-SOFT's Product Overview, Licensing and Ordering Information document, and deliver it to MG-SOFT along with the Corporate Purchase Order.

All MG-SOFT's licensing fees are quoted in Euros. Payments can be made in Euros, U.S. dollars or some other currencies. For other currencies please contact MG-SOFT sales team for quote before placing the order.

When calling or sending a fax to MG-SOFT, you must replace the given '+' prefix with an appropriate international dialing exit code number. Check with your local operator what digits you need to dial for international calls and replace the '+' sign with the given digits (386 is the country code for Slovenia).

For example, when calling from the United States, replace '+' with 011. This means you should dial 011 386 2 2506566 for sending a fax to MG-SOFT.

Alternatively, you can place a secure on-line order through Share-it / Digital River or place the order through the nearest MG-SOFT's reseller.

IMPORTANT: Before placing the order, please read MG-SOFT's End User License Agreement.

VAT and customers from EU: VAT registered customers residing in EU should provide their VAT ID number with the order. Without providing a valid VAT ID number, MG-SOFT will add 22% VAT to the total order value.

If you need any additional information, do not hesitate to contact MG-SOFT sales team.

When calling the MG-SOFT Sales Office by phone, note that working hours are Monday to Friday, except public holidays in Slovenia, from 8 AM until 9 PM (Central European / GMT+1 time zone). [What time is it now in Slovenia?]

Corporate Purchase Orders

MG-SOFT accepts NET-30 Corporate Purchase Orders. Ask your company's purchasing department or agent to fill in the order form from MG-SOFT's Product Overview, Licensing and Ordering Information document and fax it to MG-SOFT Corporation, fax number +386 2 2506566, along with your company's official Purchase Order form. The Purchase Order form must clearly show your company's name, E-mail address, postal address, phone and fax numbers, Purchase Order number, clearly marked ShipTo and BillTo addresses and the handwritten signature. Ask your purchasing department or agent to generate a Purchase Order number for the purchase. We cannot process incomplete Purchase Order forms and Purchase Order forms without Purchase Order numbers.

We process Purchase Orders within at most 3 business days after we receive them. An E-mail confirmation will be sent to the given E-mail address, immediately after we process the order. The invoice will be sent to the given BillTo address.

Wire transfer to MG-SOFT's bank account

The following is the postal address of MG-SOFT's bank, bank's SWIFT code and MG-SOFT's account number at that bank whereto you should transfer the money:

Nova kreditna banka Maribor d.d. (NKBM)
Vita Kraigherja 4
SI-2000 Maribor

IBAN code:  SI56045150000172974

You must add 15 EUR surcharge per each wire transfer!
Do not forget to include a unique reference with the payment so that we will be able to identify it!

Credit Card orders

MG-SOFT accepts MasterCard, Visa and EuroCard credit cards.

To order, you must fill in the additional Credit card Order form (available in the Product Overview, Licensing and Ordering Information document) and send it, along with the Product Order form, by postal mail or express courier to:

MG-SOFT Corporation, Strma ulica 8, SI-2000 Maribor, Slovenia

or fax it, along with order forms, to MG-SOFT Corporation, fax number: +386 2 2506566.

Do not use E-mail for submitting the credit card number!

Please provide the Card Verification Code (CVC/CVV) with your credit card details. MasterCard, EuroCard and Visa have a 3-digit number printed on the signature stripe on the back side of the credit card.

Without the CVC/CVV code, MG-SOFT will not be able to authorize your credit card payment

According to legislation in Slovenia, MG-SOFT has to authorize all credit card payments in EURO (our local currency), also for Non-EU residents. In this case, your credit card statement will show the EURO equivalent in your local currency, calculated by your local bank (at their exchange rate) on the actual billing date.

This information applies only to credit card orders placed directly at MG-SOFT Corporation. This information does not apply to on-line orders placed through Share*It.