MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition

Licensing and ordering options

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition is a powerful and user friendly NETCONF and RESTCONF client application that lets you retrieve, modify, install and delete the configuration of any NETCONF or RESTCONF server device in the network. The software provides an intuitive GUI that lets you load any set of valid YANG or YIN modules and represent them in form of a hierarchical tree, containing nodes on which NETCONF or RESTCONF operations are performed.

You can place online order through our web shop, by starting in the following table.
Alternatively, you can place the order also through European Amazon sites.

Place a secure on-line order

A secure on-line order for MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition can be placed through Share-it, a Digital River company.

In the following form select the required number of licenses, optionally change the currency selection and click the Place the order button, which will bring you to the checkout page at Share-it web site.

No. of licenses:
Product support:
Price: 990.00 EUR 
New Year 2019 season's Special licensing offer
On the web page displayed after clicking the "Place the order" button, enter the following discount "Coupon Code"


and click the "Update" button in order to apply the 25% discount to the value of ordered software products.
The discount coupon code will remain valid only for orders placed until Friday, 11-Jan-2019.

A note on the physical delivery of ordered licenses:
On the next page, checkout, you will select a desired delivery option. For physical deliveries MG-SOFT supplies one USB flash card containing the software installer along with all ordered license.key files. If you wish to receive software licenses on two or more USB flash cards, please contact MG-SOFT sales team before placing the order.

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Instead of placing an on-line order, you can place the order also directly at MG-SOFT Corporation or through the nearest MG-SOFT's reseller.

For additional information please contact MG-SOFT's sales team.