MG-SOFT SNMP Software Development Lab

MG-SOFT WinMIB toolkit

MG-SOFT WinMIB SDK provides an implementation of the industry standard WinSNMP/MIB specification for Microsoft Windows platforms, Linux platforms, Mac OS X and Solaris platforms.

WinMIB API provides a set of database functions that offer to management applications a method of accessing the compiled MIB database. It supports the following categories of API functions:

  • Mapping functions.
  • Navigational functions.
  • Data Retrieval functions.
  • Utility functions.

By using the WinMIB API, an application can load a compiled MIB module (SMIDB file, created by MG-SOFT MIB Compiler), retrieve the required information from the module and unload the module after it isn't required anymore.

SMIDB files are loaded as shared memory files. If more than one application require the same compiled MIB file, only one copy of that SMIDB file will be loaded into memory.

For more information check the WinSNMP/MIB API documentation which is available in the WinMIB distribution file.

MIB definition module developers may wish to check also the information about MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder, an application for visual designing and editing of MIB module definition files. It requires no knowledge about ASN.1 syntax or MIB module definition language and lets you design a MIB definition module in a matter of minutes.