MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator - Video Presentations

New features in MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator 2021

The following video presents major features in MG-SOFT NETCONF Simulator 2021

Table of Contents / Index:

0:00    Intro
0:33    Simulate thousands of NETCONF devices on one computer
2:07    Support for basic NETCONF notifications
2:54    YANG profiles define NETCONF server data model and actual data
4:13    Access profiles define NETCONF server connection parameters
4:45    Configurable NETCONF server behavior / Live value templates
5:39    Custom RPCs and actions
6:09    NETCONF access control model - NACM
6:43    User provisioning via NETCONF
7:05    NETCONF Simulator Scripting API and Scripting Editor
8:03    Scripting scenarios for realistic Simulation of NETCONF devices