MG-SOFT MIB Browser Professional Edition

Available editions

MG-SOFT MIB Browser Pro. is available for 4 platforms: Windows, Linux, Mac OS X and Solaris.

  • MIB Browser Pro. for Windows is available in 5 editions.
  • MIB Browser Pro. for Linux is available in 4 editions.
  • MIB Browser Pro. for Mac OS X is available in 4 editions.
  • MIB Browser Pro. for Solaris is available in 4 editions.

Examine the following table for a list of differences and feature comparison between the mentioned editions.

In addition to information provided on this page, see also the page describing the main features available in the software and the page that will help you decide which edition is most suitable for your particular needs.

  MIB Browser Professional SNMPv1/v2c Edition MIB Browser Professional SNMPv3 Edition MIB Browser Professional DOCSIS/DH Edition MIB Browser Professional Developer's Edition MIB Browser Professional Simulator Edition
Available for Windows
Available for Linux
Available for
Mac OS X
Available for
Supports SNMPv1 protocol
Supports SNMPv2c protocol
Supports SNMPv3 USM protocol
Supports SNMPv3 TSM protocol (TLS/DTLS)
Supports DOCSIS/DH key exchange
Supports SNMP over UDP
Supports SNMP over TCP
Supports SNMP over IPv4
Supports SNMP over IPv6
Includes Generic SNMP Trace function
Includes SNMP Agent Simulator (*)
(*) Note that the SNMP agent simulator feature built into MIB Browser is a scaled-down version of the dedicated MG-SOFT SNMP Agent Simulator product. MIB Browser Professional Simulator Edition lets you take a snapshot of an SNMP agent on the network and then simulate this agent on the computer where MIB Browser runs.