MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder

Main features

The following is a brief list of the main features in MG-SOFT Visual MIB Builder application.

Visual MIB Builder implements the New MIB Module Wizard, a user-friendly feature that helps you create the basic structure of a new SMIv2 MIB module in a few simple steps (screen shot).
The software lets you define MIB objects by dragging required types of MIB nodes from the SMI Components window to the desired positions in the MIB tree and assigning their properties (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder lets you assign all relevant SMIv1 or SMIv2 properties to MIB tree nodes, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION and Type assignment definitions as well as to SNMPv1 Trap definitions (screen shot).
Integrated SNMP Table editor provides a convenient interface and offers even better assistance to users creating or editing SNMP tables in MIB definitions (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder provides a comprehensive interface for assigning SYNTAX clause properties to MIB objects (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder provides a convenient interface for assigning SNMP table indexes (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder provides Revision Control framework. Once a MIB definition is published, it must not be modified in a way that would change the behaviour of defined objects. SMI specification exactly defines what changes to MIB definition are permitted after MIB publication and Visual MIB Builder enforces correct usage of SMI rules trough the Revision control framework (screen shot).
SMI Consistency Wizard significantly enhances Visual MIB Builder's ability to open and repair inconsistent MIB definition files. Using this wizard, you can fix 'broken' MIB definition files in minutes (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder contains Spell checker for detecting possible spelling mistakes in the plain text areas in MIB definitions.
Additional Properties window provides a convenient interface for assigning SMI node DESCRIPTION and REFERENCE properties, TEXTUAL-CONVENTION's DISPLAY-HINT property, comments,... (screen shot).
Clicking a node in MIB Tree or TEXTUAL-CONVENTION node, SNMPv1 TRAP-TYPE or Type assignment node displays the SMI definition of the clicked node (screen shot).
You can preview the generated SMI code of the built MIB module in the MIB Definition Preview window (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder's Consistency Checker forces you to create syntactically and semantically valid MIBs that will successfully compile with any SMIv1 or SMIv2 compliant MIB Compiler (screen shot).
Visual MIB Builder's lets you convert SMIv1 MIBs into SMIv2 format as well as SMIv2 MIBs into SMIv1 format. Both conversions are compliant with the 'Coexistence RFC'. When converting MIBs from SMIv1 into SMIv2, SMI Conformance Wizard helps you create all required conformance statements (screen shot).
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