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"Thank you MG Soft for helping me with a dodgy vendor YANG file. Lost in a sea of errors and frustration, you came right out and told me where the issue was.

The NETCONF Browser is a god send and your support is second to none. Big thanks from a very happy customer."

David Gee, IT Specialist
ipengineer.net, U.K.
"I just saw one of my colleagues use it and I liked it so much that I got a license for myself. By the way, the MG-SOFT MIB Browser is a truly excellent piece of software and it is very popular here at Juniper Networks."

Bruno Rijsman, Senior Software Engineer
Juniper Networks, U.S.A.
"Among all MIB Browsers I've seen, I love the MG-SOFT one. It is quite complete, it has all the latest features, support all kinds of SNMP requests, the interface is great, easy to use/understand and it is fast!"

Melanie Hinse, System Test Engineer
Lantern Communications, U.S.A.
"This is a great product and it's about time I bought it... your product, especially the MIB Browser / Compiler has a very good reputation in our organization!"

Manjul Rai, NetworkCare Professional Services
Lucent Technologies, U.S.A.
"I am a frequent user of the MIB Browser, in troubleshooting and analysis functions on a wide range of network equipment. I've only once had to contact support, and their answer to my problem was both immediate and accurate. I am pleased. Generally speaking, I like the product enormously, and I depend on it."

Duncan Bond, Bureau of Information Services
State of Maine, U.S.A.
"Thanks for the Trap Ringer fix. A quick test shows that it does indeed work as expected. I will be performing additional testing and I'll report any difficulties, should I experience them. I appreciate the fast response on this issue as it impacted my ability to demo my SNMP agent. It's a pleasure doing business with MG-SOFT. Your response to my service requests has been excellent."

Jim McCollum, Consulting Software Engineer
Marathon Technologies, U.S.A.
"I would like to praise your team regarding support and sales for prompt and efficient answers. I received great support during all time. It is very important for me to write it to you and I would like you to forward this to your managers too."

Aloni Luz, Group Manager
MIND CTI, Israel
"Thanks so much for the email and update. All these enhancements will help us tremendously in testing efforts. We do appreciate the fact that MG-SOFT considered our requests."

David S. Lee
Motorola, U.S.A.
"All in all, we have been very happy with the product. We especially like the Compiler and its ease of use and flexibility."

Richard M. DiBenedetto, Staff Principal
Motorola Broadband, U.S.A.
"Our team has used MG-SOFT MIB Browser PE versions 7 and 8 for about two and half year time. This time has shown that this software is very useful and has been for great help to us. We have not encountered any misbehavior or long term reliability problems. It was easy to purchase the software. For the first we had some questions about using the software which questions were responded very fast by highly professional level.

We want to express our greatest satisfaction to MG-SOFT MIB Browser product. It is in daily usage and we have become very delighted about its usefulness, robustness and reliability.

We are very pleased with MG-SOFT products and the way MG-SOFT operates. We have recommended MG-SOFT in cases where we have been asked for an SNMP product supplier."

Tapio Vuorela, Senior Test Engineer
Nokia, Finland
"I have received your license, installed it and the product works fine. Its a great product, works very well. I have been recommending it to all my colleagues. Thanks for producing it."

Paul Cirielli, Network Engineer
Nortel Networks, U.S.A.
"I am most enthusiastic about MG-SOFT's products in general and the combination MIB Browser / Compiler tool especially. They are quite useful to me in my SNMP work and I expect will be most helpful in training junior staff; particularly in our Quality Assurance Group."

Bill Funk
Pirus Networks, U.S.A.
"Thank you for your prompt response. You resolved the problem. As you stated, I needed to re-install the service pack after installing SNMP on the Win2K server. Great support. A great product with great support. Who could ask for more."

Mike Archibald, Senior Test Engineer
Road Runer, U.S.A.
"I develop custom software modules for automation of network management tasks, including monitoring and configuration. I use your product to research device agent behavior at the atomic level (discrete gets / sets). Thus far, I have only used basic features, including the MIB Browser, MIB Compiler and trap monitor. My experience has been nothing short of complete satisfaction. Congratulations to your team on building a great product!"

Gary M. Jaszewski, Principal Engineer
Scalent Systems, Inc., U.S.A.
"Your support help is one of the reasons I had Siemens purchase the SNMP Software Development Lab software. Your help in the past has been great and I look forward to continuing to work with you in the future."

Thoss Spitnale, Senior System Test Engineer
Siemens ICN, U.S.A.
"Thank you very much for your rapid and helpful response, such a level of service is rare in my experience and should be praised. I sincerely hope to find your support service as efficient should the need arise to call on them."

Geoff Bowen, Product Manager
Snell & Wilcox, U.K.
"Ah, now I understand. Thanks for the clarification.

A further note: To date I have been impressed with the prompt response from the support group at MG-SOFT. Keep up the good work!"

Trip Segars, Senior Software Engineer
Spectra Logic, U.S.A.
"I sell SNMP Trap Ringer Pro in Japan for SNMP trap storm, because your product is simple, very fast and very stable. My most favorite thing is a simple service without a database. This product does not have to worry about SQL-DB maintenance, backup, restore, upgrade, and 10GB size limitations."

Masashi Moriyama, Consulting Engineer
Sumire Joho System Inc., Japan
"I am very happy with the software, it seem to be useful for most of the purposes we intended to use it for. I am particularly happy with the ability in the MIB Explorer to compare two releases of a MIB definition, this make it easier for us to discover what has been changed when a new MIB definition is released."

Ole Krog Thomsen, Systems Analyst
TDC Networks, Denmark
"I use MG-SOFT MIB Browser for our SNMP module development and test, it's very useful and easy to use (compared with other mib browser tools)."

Yanjie Feng, R&D Software Platforms
Technicolor, China
"Again, I want to let you know how helpful you were in resolving my case! Thanks you so much!

Please feel free to pass this email to your manager as I feel like you did an excellent job your customer service and skillset with the MG-Soft application was at an expert level. To make the experience even better you went above and sent a follow up email of the steps we took to resolve the issue.

I have always liked the MG-Soft application and we use it a lot here at Technicolor. I will definitely recommend MG-Soft to my colleagues and customers!

Thanks you for your help!"

A Scott Robbins, Principal Engineer
Technicolor, U.S.A.
"I just wanted to say how impressed I am with the MIB Browser / Compiler product. I've been using the demo version and recently purchased a number of licenses for our group. The product is well designed, easy to use, intuitive and actually does what it claims to do."

Zeke Zecca, Senior Test Engineer
VERITAS Software Corp., U.S.A.
"Got it! Great!
I want to thank everyone who has helped me with all the questions I have asked. Your support has been great!"

Joe M. Olguin
Verizon, U.S.A.
"Thank you for the fix - after going through some hurdles to make JRE 1.8 the version the system uses on Mac, this fixes the problem.

Appreciate your support - itís working great now! Your support has been very helpful (much better than large Software companies!)"

Emil A.I. , Staff Engineer - Architect
ViaSat, Inc , U.S.A.
"I've used your Windows based product for years and have not found anything better."

Roger Zenker, Network Management & Application Services
Wells Fargo Bank, U.S.A.

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