MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition

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MG-SOFT NetConf Browser Professional Edition is powerful and user-friendly NETCONF client application that lets you retrieve, modify, install and delete the configuration of any NETCONF server device in the network.

NetConf Browser can load any standard or vendor specific YANG or YIN module and display its contents in a visual manner, where module elements are represented in a hierarchical tree structure, containing nodes on which NETCONF operations can be performed.

NetConf Browser offers an intuitive user interface that lets you easily retrieve the device configuration and state data as well as modify the device configuration via the NETCONF v1.1 (RFC 6241) or NETCONF v1.0 (RFC 4741) protocol operations (get, get-config, lock, unlock, edit-config, copy-config, delete-config, commit, etc.).

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition Main window
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MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser Professional Edition - Main window

In addition to providing a quick access to common NETCONF operations, NetConf Browser also implements advanced tools, like the RFC 6110-compliant NETCONF Content Editor and Validator that lets you easily compose any type of NETCONF XML document and validate it using the DSDL schemas, which are automatically generated from the selected YANG modules.

Furthermore, NetConf Browsersupport subscribing to and receiving NETCONF notifications (as specified in RFC 5277).

NetConf Browser also supports the NETCONF get-schema operation (specified in RFC 6022) that lets you download schema definitions (e.g., YANG and YIN modules) from remote NETCONF servers.

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser is compliant with the current IETF's RFC documents: RFC 4741, RFC 4742, RFC 5277, RFC 6020, RFC 6022, RFC 6110, RFC 6241 and RFC 6242.

MG-SOFT NETCONF Browser is a Java(TM) application that can be installed and used on Windows, Linux and Mac OS X operating systems with Java Runtime Environment version 6.0 (a.k.a. JRE 1.6) or later.